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At least 23 shootings in the last two weeks in Buffalo

Posted at 3:38 AM, Jul 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-03 03:38:25-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Since June 20th, there have been at least 23 confirmed shootings in the City of Buffalo.

During that period at least four people have been killed, and 27 people have been injured.

Buffalo police say their call volume is, "way up," from the last three months under the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the reported shootings in the City of Buffalo since June 20th

  1. Mortimer Street, June 20th: One man injured.
  2. Langmeyer Avenue, June 20th: One man injured.
  3. Bailey Avenue, June 21st: One man injured.
  4. Guilford Street, June 21st: Two men injured.
  5. West Ferry Street, June 21st: Four men injured.
  6. Grider Street, June 21st: One person injured.
  7. Debra Lane, June 21st: One man killed.
  8. Cambridge Avenue, June 22nd: One man injured.
  9. Lasalle Avenue, June 23rd: One man killed, one woman injured.
  10. Norfolk Avenue, June 24th: Two people injured.
  11. Schuele Avenue, June 25th: One man injured.
  12. Erie Street, June 27th: One man injured.
  13. Thatcher Avenue, June 27th: One woman injured.
  14. Humboldt Parkway, June 27th: One man injured
  15. Koons Avenue, June 28th: One woman killed, one woman injured.
  16. Tower Street, June 28th: One man injured.
  17. Bailey Avenue, June 29th: One man injured.
  18. Donaldson Road, June 29th: One man injured.
  19. West Tupper Street, June 29th: One man injured.
  20. Niagara Street, July 1st: One man injured.
  21. Delaware Avenue, July 1st: One man killed.
  22. Main Street, July 1st: One man injured.
  23. Weston Avenue, July 2nd: Two men injured.

So far no one has been arrested as far as we know.