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7 Buffalo Bills takeaways from the NFL Combine

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Posted at 6:19 PM, Mar 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-01 18:19:15-05

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — For the first time since the Buffalo Bills season ended, we had a chance to speak with Head Coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane. The duo fielded questions on dozens of topics as the Bills get ready for the start of free agency and the NFL Draft.

7 takeaways from Tuesday's interviews:

Allen has earned a say in coaching decisions

Both Beane and McDermott made it very clear that Josh Allen has earned the opportunity to have a say in coaching moves. The Bills star quarterback advocated for the promotion of quarterback coach Ken Dorsey and the team believes that helps keep everyone on the same page.

“But in this case, with Ken promoting from within, and having Josh's approval on that I think is big," McDermott said. "And so Josh being involved in this decision, I think gives him some ownership and also trying to get us to continue to get him comfortable, or keep him comfortable, but also growing our system from where it's been.”

Diggs extension is something the team will explore

After two stellar seasons with the Bills, Stefon Diggs has proved his worth. The wide receiver has set multiple franchise records and has helped the team reach new heights. One of the ways the Bills can lock up Diggs long-term and save money on their salary cap this season is by having Diggs sign an extension. Beane said those talks will happen eventually.

"It's definitely something we would consider at the right time," Beane told 7 ABC. "I have a great relationship with his agent, we've known each other for years and we talk all the time. It's two-fold. You can do that, it just has to work out from a value standpoint as well."

Diggs, 28, has two years left on his current contract with a cap hit of $17.9 million in 2022.

Beane is not sold on the "All-In" approach

What worked for the Rams might not necessarily work for the Bills. The Bills GM was asked if the Bills have considered making some trades that try and get the team over the hump and reach the Super Bowl. Beane said it's tempting, but it's a much more complicated conversation.

"I don't want to be a one-year wonder. I don't want to be a team that has one or two years at it and then we need to watch 10 prominent players walk out of here because we can't do it. I want to be a consistent contender. And listen, I thought we had a team that could contend."

Training camp *could* be going back to Rochester

As Mike Catalana from WHAM reported in February, talks are ongoing to have the Bills return to Rochester for training cam[. Both McDermott and Beane confirmed discussions have taken place and the team is looking into the possibility. The Bills haven't hosted camp in Rochester since 2019.

Cornerback is a need and the Bills aren't shying away from that

Tre'Davious White is coming off an ACL injury.

Levi Wallace is a free agent.

There are questions about both Bills starting cornerbacks from last season and it's something the team could address this offseason.

That's not major breaking news - but Beane said if there is a player the team likes in the first round, they'd certainly consider making the pick.

"It's a hot position," Beane said. "It is such a passing league, that you've got to have guys to defend these receivers. We'll see, as I said earlier, that's definitely a position for sure. We've got other positions too that we need to stay keen on. But we wouldn't hesitate if there was a good one there to trade up for if we thought, man, this guy is a true difference-maker or stay there at No. 25 and take one."

Gabriel Davis stock continues to rise

The last time Gabriel Davis played in a football game he scored four touchdowns. As the Bills wide receiver room evolves, Davis has emerged as someone the team can count on in almost every situation.

"Gabe's going into his third season and he's our type. He's our type of guy," McDermott said. "He has tremendous DNA. He's a winner. He's a player that in Year 2, really in Year 1, our backup in Year 1 had a good season and came back and followed it up in Year 2, which is not easy to do. And then he continues to get better and better. And that's what I'm looking forward to seeing when he comes back in Year 3 now this offseason. He's quickly becoming one of our leaders in our locker room at such a young age, which is unique to say for a young player.”

Singletary gets a shout out

Like Davis, Sean McDermott was very complimentary of Devin Singletary. After a rocky start to the season, Singletary played his best football as a Bill down the stretch and into the playoffs.

“Yeah, everyone wants to know who's the lead back, right? Well, at the end of the day, I thought Devin did a phenomenal job. Again, a young player that continues to earn everything that he gets. I thought his determination and the way he ran the ball in the back half of the season, let's say the back six games really, I thought, energized our offense and gave us an identity and some great momentum, some great energy within certain games in particular. So really happy with the way he performed last season and looking forward to another strong year from him moving forward.”

The Bills will likely add at least one running back this offseason but Singletary has earned at least a shot at the "starting" role next season.

You can watch Beane's full media conference from Tuesday here.

McDermott's full comments can be seen here.

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