Gov. Cuomo says he won't resign as members of Congress call for his resignation

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Posted at 11:52 AM, Mar 12, 2021

ALBANY, N.Y. (WKBW) — Congressman Brian Higgins (D - 26th District) issued a statement early Friday calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign.

Over the past several weeks we have heard the stories of strong and brave women. I previously issued a statement supporting ongoing, independent investigations into early accusations, but given continuing new accounts, it is clearly time for the Governor to resign.

This a challenging time for New York. There is too much important work to be done. We need to move forward.
- Rep. Higgins

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D - 14th District) also called for Cuomo's resignation Friday morning.

Friday afternoon Congressman Chris Jacobs (R - 27th District) issued a statement calling for Cuomo's resignation.

As I’ve said from the beginning, the sexual assault and harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo are deeply troubling. I continue to support the Attorney General’s investigation and believe it is imperative. And while I strongly believe in due process, the revelations that the Governor and his staff worked to conceal the truth and undermine his accusers are unconscionable and disqualifying.

It is clear to me that this crisis of his own making is a distraction from the very important work that needs to be done right now to move our state forward. The Governor is incapable of leading our state and can no longer effectively carry out the duties of his office. The investigations must continue, and he must be held accountable for his actions, but for the good of our state, he must resign.
- Rep. Jacobs

Multiple elected leaders representing Western New York, including Senator Tim Kennedy, called for Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign or step aside.

Early Friday evening, New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand joined the growing list of elected leaders calling on the governor to resign.

During a conference call Friday afternoon, Cuomo addressed the allegations and calls for his resignation saying he would not resign.

As I have said before, and I firmly believe, women have a right to come forward and be heard, and I encourage that fully. But I also want to be clear – there is still a question of the truth. I did not do what has been alleged. Period.
- Gov. Cuomo

The governor continued on to say the investigations should be completed so the facts are revealed and he will not argue the issue in the press.

Let the review proceed, I'm not going to resign. I was not elected by the politicians, I was elected by the people.
- Gov. Cuomo

Thursday, more than 55 New York State Democratic elected leaders called for the governor's resignation.

Also on Thursday, New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) announced he was authorizing a judiciary committee to begin an impeachment investigation into Gov. Cuomo.

The calls from the elected leaders come as Cuomo has faced criticism for the state's handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes, and at least six people have come forward accusing the governor of inappropriate conduct.