How did Erie County vote in the New York State governor's race?

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Posted at 3:46 PM, Nov 09, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Governor Kathy Hochul declared victory over Congressman Lee Zeldin on Tuesday night making her the first woman elected to the governor's office in New York State.

How did Erie County voters vote in the governor's race ? We wanted to take a deeper dive into the data.

Erie County has 623,409 registered voters according to the Erie County Board of Elections. There are 289,808 voters registered as Democrats in Erie County, with 157,387 registered as Republicans. That is almost a 2-to-1 margin.

According the latest numbers from the Board of Elections Governor Kathy Hochul is leading in Erie County by more than 19,000 votes, holding 176,281 to 157,008 edge over Congressman Lee Zeldin.

So where did Hochul do well in Erie County? A heat map from the Erie County Board of Elections shows the results in different districts and areas.

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Heat map of voting results in Erie County for the 2022 governor's race in New York State.

You can start in the City of Buffalo, where the "heat map" shows mostly blue, meaning leads for the Democrat Kathy Hochul, in districts from the downtown metro area, all the way north to North Buffalo and also trickling into Lackawanna to the south.

According to the latest numbers Hochul is winning in the City of Buffalo with 77.47% of the vote over Lee Zeldin, who holds 22.30% of the vote.

Governor Hochul also did well in the first ring and second ring northern suburbs. She won the Village of Kenmore with a 65% to 34% margin over Zeldin. She also won the Town of Tonawanda with a 57.85 % to 41.95% margin. The map and data also show Hochul taking more votes in Amherst, at 58% to 41%.

Hochul also won by more than 20 points in the Village of East Aurora.

How about her hometown of Hamburg?

Governor Hochul has the 54% to 45% edge over Zeldin in the Village of Hamburg, with Zeldin leading in the Town of Hamburg with 52% of the vote.

Outside of those areas, it's mostly red in Erie County, showing the support that Congressman Zeldin carried through election day.

Zeldin received 57% of the vote in Town of Grand Island, 57% of the vote in the Town of Clarence and 54% of the vote in the Town of Orchard Park.

You can take a look at results for your area on the Erie County Board of Elections site here.

Lee Zeldin conceded the race and issued a statement congratulating Governor Hochul on her victory in the state wide race on Wednesday afternoon.