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One-on-one with Garth Brooks ahead of his Highmark Stadium show

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-22 18:21:39-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Garth Brooks brings his stadium tour to Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park Saturday night.

The country star took questions from a small group of media members Friday. WKBW's Katie Morse was there and has the answers to some of your questions about tomorrow's show.

Q: What songs can fans expect to hear?
A: Garth says he's planning to play a number of his old hits, especially the ones he knows people want to hear. Expect to hear Callin' Baton Rouge, Friends in Low Places (which he says the fans sing more than he does!) The River (which he says chokes him up when he hears it sung back to him,) That Summer, We Shall Be Free.

Q: What will Garth do with a Friday night free in WNY?
A: Garth says he often goes out to dinner with his band and crew before a show, and that they somehow are almost always dressed in black - so keep your eyes peeled! He also says sometimes they decide to lay low and will throw on a movie at one of the stadiums to watch together.

Q: Will Trisha Yearwood join Garth on stage?
A: "You never know," says Garth. We're told Trisha is in Buffalo! But whether or not she makes an appearance will depend on her schedule on the day of the show. Garth says she's joined him a number of times so far this tour, and he loves when she does, but he couldn't confirm if she would sing in Buffalo or not.

Q: What is Garth's favorite song to hear Trisha sing?
A: He says Walkaway Joe is his favorite Trisha Yearwood song, but that he loves to hear her sing anything.

Q: Does Garth always play the same songs or does he like to mix it up?
A: Garth says he likes to mix it up - and when he sees a sign for a particular song he might not have played in some time, he gets excited and wants to play it. He says he enjoys sneaking in a "surprise" song or two into shows.

Q: How does Garth feel about Buffalo staples like sponge candy and Loganberry?
A: Watch the one-on-one interview to find out!

Brooks also joined Good Morning Buffalo in June to discuss his show, you can find that interview here.

You can find updated traffic information for the concert here.