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Buffalo’s mass shooting victim Pearl Young: Devoted to her church & community

“Pearl was a flower & she was a Pearl!”
Posted at 5:25 PM, May 16, 2022

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — Pearl Young was the wife of a pastor, mother, and grandmother.

Pearl Young, was one of ten victims murdered in a mass shooting.

But Pearl was among ten tragically struck down and murdered at the age of 77 in Saturday’s mass shooting at the Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo.

The alleged shootertargeted the predominately African American community of Buffalo. 11 who were shot were Black.

Pearl is remembered as a Christian who had tremendous faith in God and served to help others.

Pearl praising.jpeg
Pearl Young praising in her faith.

“All Pearl knew was church. She was very devoted to her church and a good mother and wife,” reflected Carolyn Banks, niece.

Carolyn Banks, Pearl's niece, says her aunt was at a church on Saturday for a service before her sister dropped her off at Tops.

“So I figured she went to get chicken that day and I was told her sister Gloria — she gave her a ride and dropped her off,” explained Banks. “When I heard that she was one of them it was unbelievable."

“Who was pearl young?” Buckley asked.

Pearl Young with others at church.

“She was a sweet person. She made you laugh,” replied Banks. “She was there when my mom passed. She comforted me, even at the graveyard, she was right next to me.”

Young worked for many years as a missionary at a food pantry in the city's Central Park neighborhood.

Buffalo Public School students make tribute to Young.

She was a substitute teacher in the Buffalo Public Schools and a Sunday school teacher.

Pearl's sister Mary Craig lives in Alabama where Pearl was born and is devastated.

pearl sister .jpg
Mary Craig, Pearl's sister.

“I pray she had no pain. That it happened so quickly — she was gone like that,” Craig responded.

Craig, like her sister Pearl, has fierce faith.

“And I also pray for that young man that did this tragedy — I pray,” Craig said.

Pearl Young instructing children.

Pearl has been described as a "grandmother to everyone" with an exuberant personality and at church, she was always the one dancing and rejoicing.

“Pearl was a flower and she was a pearl,” described Banks.