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Veteran experience rises to the top of Bills defensive tackle group

Posted at 10:41 PM, Jul 20, 2022

BUFFALO, NY. (WKBW) — “I mean I think we all know who we have in that room and the potential we have when we step on that field," said Bills defensive tackle DaQuan Jones. "We talk about it everyday, we’re all just excited and can’t wait to go showcase it.”

Jones speaks for a lot of people who are eager to see what lies in the trenches at defensive tackle for Buffalo this season. Between him, Tim Settle, Jordan Phillips and Ed Oliver the seemingly top-four guys at the position, account for 26 years of NFL experience. The potential is high but they all know there’s still a lot to prove.

“Even if you are the number one defense, if you aren’t playing for it all there’s still meat left on the bone," adds Ed Oliver. "To win it all you have to be near perfect everywhere. So everybody has to be working together.”

Tim and DaQuan are new faces in the franchise. However for Ed and Jordan it’s a happy reunion. Phillips returns to Western New York after two seasons in Arizona. He’s seen Ed take massive leaps in his game. And as for Ed. He’s just happy to have Jordan back in the room.

“When we go on the field, “Phil” is like hey man we’re gonna go out and dominate. There’s not going to be any of that stuff after the play," Oliver said. "He makes sure none of that is going on. So it’s like having a big brother I got back.”

“First off I think Ed has matured a lot. I think that’s what’s helped his game the most. Everyone’s already known that he’s going to be a top guy," Jordan Phillips added. "He was the ninth overall pick for a reason. Talent has never been an issue. Now he has not only the work ethic but the mind to go with it.”

Those top four guys along with the promising talent below them hope to elevate the league's number one defense in pursuit of unfinished business.

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