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South Buffalo native brings a taste of Buffalo to Chiefs Kingdom

Al's Bar and Grill
Posted at 4:42 PM, Jan 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-22 16:52:32-05

PARKVILLE, Mo. (WKBW) — Whether you’re inside or outside, it’s pretty obvious where Al Burns is from.

"[Bishop] Timon grad, [lived in] South Buffalo and Hamburg," Al Burns said.

About 25 years ago Al and his family moved to Kansas City so he could take a job in pharmaceutical sales, it was a good career, but this South Buffalo guy took a leap of faith.

“I told my wife it was my turn, she reluctantly agreed, and then we started Al’s Bar and Grill,” Al said.

“He always knew that Kansas City needed a good place with real Buffalo wings and he decided to take a leap and try it out,” Tim Burns said.

And boy has it worked.

When you walk in, it’s just like every other Western New York spot, Buffalo memorabilia and that smell of freshly fried wings.

Chris is the man responsible for cooking them up, he’s a Chiefs fan and Kansas City native….but he makes a mean wing.

“To me, they are just up there with all the good spots in Buffalo," Tim said. "I compare them a lot to Duff's.”

When the wings are finished they’re served with either blue cheese...or ranch.

"We’ve converted some Chiefs fans into the blue cheese,” Tim said.

That’s the Buffalo spirit.

So whether you’re in Kansas City this weekend or you end up here in the future, Al’s is the place to be for some wings, a beer, and a taste of that Buffalo spirit that burns inside so many of us.

"I’ll be honest, I lived through all four of those losses and I tell people I cried after the first one, I cried after the second one, I cried after the third one, and after the fourth one I had no more tears to cry no more…so damn it I want one,” Al said.

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