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Sean McVay compares Buffalo Bills edge rusher Von Miller to Spider-Man

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Posted at 12:02 PM, Mar 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-29 12:02:53-04

WEST PALM BEACH, FL [WKBW] — When talking with coaches and front office members about new Buffalo Bills pass rusher Von Miller one of the first words that's brought up is credibility.

Miller is a two-time Super Bowl champion and former Super Bowl MVP. He brings the Bills the type of player they have been looking for on and off the field. His numbers speak for themselves but so does his reputation. Just ask his former head coach Sean McVay, who says Miller brings much more than just pass rush prowess.

“Von Miller is a great dude, No. 1. I was so impressed with what a great teammate he was," McVay said at the NFL Owners Meetings in West Palm Beach. "I think the street credibility he had with our players in the locker room, having won Super Bowl MVP, and having been through that journey, he really pushed guys to elevate their game."

“To just watch his habits, right? You learn by watching people who have been there and done it at such a high level,” Bills head coach Sean McDermott said. “He’s got two Super Bowl championships to his credit and I think some of that will help us as well.”

Miller made it clear during his introductory press conference that leaving Los Angeles was tough. But he sensed something special was brewing in Buffalo and he wanted to be the piece that ultimately helps the Bills take the next step. McVay is confident that will happen.

“His production is special. But he’s one of those guys that just treats everyone so well. From the equipment staff to the PR team, everyone is going to love Von Miller and you’re going to really love what he can do on the football field," McVay added. "He is such a unique talent. I was talking to Brandon Staley [Chargers HC] about this yesterday and he described him as Spider-Man and I think that’s a good way to describe him because of his body control and his athleticism, his flexibility, his ability to close and finish out plays. He was a big reason we were able to win and he’s going to do a great job for the Buffalo Bills.”

So as Miller prepares to call Buffalo home, there's no way Bills fans aren't thinking about their new superstar edge rusher lifting the Lombardi Trophy next season.

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