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Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs ready for their toughest test of the season

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs
Posted at 4:51 PM, Jan 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-19 16:52:23-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WKBW) — The Bills don't need to be reminded where their season ended last season.

Following their 38-24 loss to the Chiefs in the 2021 AFC Championship, the Bills vowed to remember what it was like to be on the losing end.

"They're throwing so many different looks at opposing quarterbacks right now, they've got guys who are playing really well right now like 95 [Chris Jones] who moved back inside," Josh Allen said. "When he wants to go he can go against anybody. They've got some really good guys in their secondary right now who can make plays so we've got to be on top of our game communication-wise and take the crowd out of it Sunday night."

On Sunday, the Bills will once again head to Arrowhead Stadium for a win or go home game.

They don't need any extra motivation, but their loss last year is still on their minds.

"At the end of the day, we don't want to have that feeling that we had there last year," Allen said. "We know our season ended there last year and now we have to do everything in our power to put our foot forward and make sure it doesn't end there this year. That's our main goal is to go out there and win one game, as is theirs. But again, it's two really good football teams going at it and I'm sure they're excited about the opportunity, as we are."

Stefon Diggs, who watched the Chiefs celebrate for several minutes after the final whistle last season, has said you never forget those moments.

But the Bills Pro Bowl wide receiver doesn't need to look back on that game for motivation, he says they have plenty of fuel from this season.

"Throughout this season we've had our ebbs and flows as far as the roller coaster and we've had our fair share of bad with the good," Diggs said. "This team is built off a lot of character. Throughout this season we've had a lot of triumphs and a lot of close calls and fallen short a couple of times and it's built a lot of [character]. So that has driven me more up to this point than the photograph."

Despite the Bills' win in Week 5, the team knows how different the Chiefs are now, compared to the group they saw earlier in the season.

On defense, the Chiefs have become a much stingier group that has a dangerous pass rush that can cause problems.

The addition of Melvin Ingram has done a lot for the Chiefs and Allen knows they're a dangerous unit.

"I haven't been able to be in that big show yet, so that's something I'm always striving for," Diggs added. "But as far as being in the playoffs and knowing it's win or go home, there are always heightened emotions. I feel like you need a little more focus and effort. Fighting for extra yardage in the regular season is different than fighting for extra yardage in the playoffs. I feel like you're giving it everything you've got and the man across from you is doing the same, because you know you're going home if you don't win. And you don't want to be the reason that you go home."

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