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Bills RB Zack Moss overcomes adversity on & off the field

Zack Moss, Christian Wilkins
Posted at 8:17 PM, Sep 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-19 20:17:43-04

MIAMI GARDENS [WKBW] — Buffalo Bills running back Zack Moss is thankful his coaches gave him a chance at redemption.

After an early fumble, Moss found himself on the bench for most of the game. But when he was called upon in the second half, Moss reached the end zone twice, making up for his early mistake.

“I thought it was important that he was able to reset and be mentally tough and come back and he made some really tough runs,” head coach Sean McDermott said after the game.

But the adversity Moss was dealing with on the field pales in comparison to what he dealt with this week off the field. Moss attended his aunts funeral Saturday and said it’s been a really tough few days for his family.

“I just wanted to come out here and play the game,” Moss said. “I had a rough start to it but being able to go back out there and finish the right way, and the coaches allowing me to go out and do that was big.”

Moss finished the game with eight carries for 33 yards and two touchdowns. So while it wasn’t by any stretch his most dominant day on the ground, he appreciates the opportunity to get back into the game and help his team get their first win of the season.

“I’m just thankful to be able to play this game, because there are a lot of other things that are more important but I get a chance to come out here and play this game,” Moss said. “I’m super happy and blessed to be able to play and have the game I had with the rebound I had.”

Moving forward, the Bills will need to lean on Moss, especially in short yardage situations. Despite his slow start to the season and early mistake against Miami, his response in the second half is something McDermott thinks can be a lesson to the team.

“That’s a great message to anyone and everyone on our football team,” McDermott added. “That you’ll make some mistakes and you need to be able to come back and get your game back, that’s what your teammates need from you.”

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