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Allen, Dorsey chemistry continues to grow, showcased in big offensive day

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jul 27, 2022

ROCHESTER, NY. (WKBW) — Day four of Bills training camp in the books.

After the offense took some licks on day three, Josh Allen and company turned it on in a major way. Winning the day convincingly. And maybe that’s just another sign that points to how well just how well his relationship with first year offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey is blossoming

“I think it’s been great and a lot of that has been a credit to Josh. Obviously working with Dabs (Brian Daboll). Dabs had done a great job here over the last few years and had a great relationship with Josh," says Dorsey. "

I think it helped me to see that relationship and be a part of that relationship to kind of continue that. But I think the most important thing is I’m not going to be anybody that I’m not. And I think he respects that.”

It wasn’t always easy, but Allen and Dorsey have been on the same page since day one when it comes to making sure they were aligned with what was best for the Bills offense. Despite a few give and take moments, not only has Allen became more comfortable in his system. But so have his weapons around him.

"We did a lot of that in the offseason, communicating back and forth. Here’s how I see, how do you see it. Really trying to work through a lot of things to get it to where we want to get it," Dorsey adds.

"Again the biggest thing was making sure to keep it as consistent for our guys as possible to keep that continuity for them. And I think we’ve managed to do that.”

The Bills are off Thursday but will be back Friday hoping to build off their momentum from day four.

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