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Alabama WR Jameson Williams is "perfect" for the Buffalo Bills

Jameson Williams
Posted at 11:21 AM, Mar 04, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Alabama wide receiver Jameson Williams has become a popular prospect as the NFL Draft approaches. The 20-year-old started his collegiate career at Ohio State but eventually transferred to Alabama.

In 2021 the young receiver shined, registering 79 catches for 1,572 yards and 15 touchdowns. Williams quickly rose up on draft boards until he tore his ACL in the National Championship game against Georgia. Before his injury, many experts believed he would be a top-10 pick. Now there's a chance he could slip later into the first round, making him a very intriguing option for the Bills.

"I mean, I think we’re gonna take the best player, we really are. His case is a little – got an asterisk by it, because he’s not healthy," Bills GM Brandon Beane said. "And so the doctors definitely have to weigh in on where he’s at in his rehab process, what does that look like? Because he tore his ACL in January, whatever that is, two months later than Tre’Davious tore his. So does that mean are you drafting him and he’s starting the year on PUP, does that mean he has a full redshirt year? Did the surgery, did everything work out perfectly in the surgery? Is he on time for October 1st? Those are the things that we’ll have to get answers to, but if you took his injury out, and he was the best player on the board, no doubt."

Williams can't participate in any drills at the combine but would've likely shined in the 40-yard dash. He believes he's the fastest player in this draft class because of his "speed you can't teach."

"I just know nobody can run with me," Williams said when asked what his time in the 40-yard dash would've been if he was able to participate. "Just say whatever the fastest 40-time is here, I'm faster than that."

For the Bills, there are bigger needs. But it's hard to deny what Williams' speed could bring the team. ESPN NFL Draft analyst Matt Miller said the Bills should run up the card if Williams slides to No. 25.

"It's feasible that he's there and if so, Brandon [Beane] should turn [the card in] faster than when they picked Josh Allen," Miller told 7 ABC. "It should be the fastest pick in NFL history because he is perfect for that offense."

Bove's take:

I'm all-in on this idea. For two years we've talked about how the Bills need to add speed and Williams injury could give the Bills a chance to land a prospect they otherwise wouldn't have the chance to take.

This is one of the perks of having a complete roster. Sure, there are some holes, but the Bills can take the best player available. If that's Williams, Beane should make the pick.

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