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5 takeaways for the Buffalo Bills after Stefon Diggs' contract extension

Stefon Diggs
Posted at 8:23 PM, Apr 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-07 20:23:21-04

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. [WKBW} — When asked if Stefon Diggs had a message for Bills Mafia- he smiled, leaned forward, whispered into the microphone, and said “I’m not leaving.”

But what else did Diggs have to say after signing his massive four-year extension with the Bills?

Five takeaways from the Diggs media conference:

It’s about family

For Diggs, the Buffalo Bills have become family. On and off the field, Diggs has found a second home in Buffalo, and he had no desire to leave.

"I felt like my next stop was my last stop and I wanted it to be my home and I didn't want to ever go anywhere. So in anticipating that, it was important to me especially in the first and second years, to kind of build that family. It's hard to do that when you have a job and have to stay professional. But you get those relationships like the one I have with Josh and other guys on the team, it's just like, damn, it's starting to feel a lot like home and you don't want to leave it."

Not skipping a beat

Former Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is now the head coach of the New York Giants, but Diggs is thrilled with his replacement in Buffalo. With Ken Dorsey at the helm, Diggs expects the offense to continue growing. He said he's viewed Dorsey as the middle man between himself and Allen. Now, with Dorsey calling the shots on offense, Diggs is excited for what he sees as another year of growth.

Diggs the recruiter

Stefon Diggs should add recruiting to his resume. On Tuesday, Diggs told reporters he's been trying to sell Von Miller on Buffalo since the trade deadline last season. Things didn't work out last year, but now the two are teammates. We'll never know how big of a factor Diggs was in getting Miller to Buffalo but it certainly didn't hurt. Imagine three years ago if someone told you the Bills would be Super Bowl favorites and they'd have both Diggs and Miller on their roster.

17 + 14 = 6

Find someone who looks at you the way Josh Allen looks at Stefon Diggs. Off the field, these two are best buds. On the field, Diggs has become Allen's go-to guy. When the Bills need a big play, finding No. 14 has become the Bills' best option. Diggs joked Thursday that Allen probably knew about his extension before he did. There's no denying how big of a factor their relationship played into this decision and now one of the best QB/WR combinations in the league can look to re-write the Bills' record books.

"I like us"

The last time Stefon Diggs was on the field, he and his teammates lost a heartbreaker to Kansas City as they watched their season come to an end. When asked what the team will take away from that game, Diggs believes they'll be better because of it.

"Of course, when you fall short you can find all the reasons why. Or you can grow from it and learn from it. We've got some more experience under our belts and moving forward that can only help you. You never lose, you only learn, that's what they say, so, moving forward, I like us."

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