New play asks "what if Bills won the big one?"

Once In My Lifetime written by local playwright
Posted at 8:56 AM, Aug 11, 2018

What could be more natural than watching a Bills game in a local bar? That's the setting for a new play by local playwright Donna Hoke. It's called Once In My Lifetime, A Buffalo Football Fantasy. The fantasy refers to the hometown team winning the "big one".

Donna Hoke says "the Bills winning the Superbowl isn't really something that a play can be about. It has to be about the people who want the Bills to win the Superbowl."

Donna was selected for the project by producer and former Buffalonian Chris Braun. It's being directed by Victoria Perez. Actress Josie DiVincenzo plays the owner of bar and says that she and the other cast members are all Bills fans, saying "we all have Bills memories and we find ourselves getting into these conversations the way a patron would in a bar."

Once In My Lifetime has it's world premiere at Shea's Smith Theatre Wednesday August 29th through Saturday September 8th.