Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown announces general election write-in campaign after losing primary to India Walton

Posted at 5:07 PM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-29 16:18:01-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Following Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown's loss to India Walton in the Democratic primary for Mayor of Buffalo, the Brown campaign has officially announced a write-in campaign.

Brown made the announcement Monday evening surrounded by supporters at the Statler. He is seeking reelection for a fifth term in the November general election, the campaign previously announced a potential write-in campaign was "under serious consideration."

The mayor called his lack of campaigning a mistake. He did not debate his challengers before the Democratic Primary. He said, he would be open to debate India Walton while running his write-in campaign.

Following her Democratic primary win, Walton sat down with 7 Eyewitness News to discuss her plans for the City of Buffalo, which she says includes raising taxes up to one percent. If she wins the general election in November, she would become the first female mayor in City of Buffalo history.

In response to the announcement of the write-in campaign by Brown, the India Walton campaign issued the following statement Monday:

Byron Brown’s decision to run a write-in campaign supported by Carl Paladino and the PBA is deeply disappointing. Brown can attempt to distance himself from Paladino all he wants, but it is clear who is really behind this campaign. We urge Brown to accept the will of the voters, end this futile campaign, and help us work towards a seamless transition. It would be a shame for Brown to ruin his legacy by partnering with right-wing real estate developers in this pointless effort. The people of Buffalo deserve so much better than this.
- The India Walton Campaign

Sunday, Brown said that he, "is not seeking and will not seek" support from Carl Paladino in a potential write-in campaign for the November mayoral election.

Erie County Democratic Chair said the following about Mayor Brown's write-in campaign announcement.

It was a pleasure to welcome India Walton to ECDC headquarters this afternoon to meet with several of our officers and to strongly affirm once again that we are with her, now and through the general election in the fall.

Last Tuesday, India proved she has the message and the means to move and inspire the people of Buffalo. It was a historic moment in Western New York politics.

The voters heard her message and embraced her vision for the city’s future, and we look forward to working with her and her team to cross that final finish line on November 2.

We share a commitment to uniting the Democratic Party and winning elections not only in Buffalo, but all across Erie County.

Mayor Brown is well within his rights to pursue a write-in candidacy, and we are grateful for his many years of service to this community.

But the Democratic Party listens to the will of Democratic voters, and today India Walton is our candidate for Mayor of the City of Buffalo.