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Remembering the Bubble Man: Buffalonians honor legacy of a man who contributed joy to community for years

"Always making people smile with his bubbles. He loved to do that."
Remember the Bubble Man
Buffalo Joywalkers dancing at Bubble Man's memorial
Posted at 11:21 PM, May 06, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Buffalo community came together to honor the life of a man who used bubbles to bring smiles to all.

Charles Incorvaia, better known as Allentown's Bubble Man, passed away at the age of 75, in January.

Community members remembered him in a special way, during a memorial right outside the Jim's Steakout on the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Allen Street, Friday afternoon.

Allentown turned into Funkytown, as admirers of Buffalo's Bubble Man, remembered the man who had an infectious smile and a batch of bubbles.

"Always making people smile with his bubbles. He loved to do that," Jim's Steakout manager, Damian Young said. "You would never know that he's the bubble man. You would not see him on the street and go like, 'That's the Bubble Man!' It took me aback because I was working here for months at that point. Then I realized, this guy? Really? It's crazy."

The corner of Allen Street and Elmwood Avenue has not been the same since Incorvaia passed away, but that has not stopped the community from celebrating in his old stomping grounds, just below his apartment.

"It could be a sad day. You could be walking around. He would just pull out the bubbles. You would just be like, you know you're having a bad day and you're walking down the street. Here comes the sun light. Here comes the bubbles. You're just like wow, this is seriously Goddly vibes," a man who goes by "Papa Love" told Pheben Kassahun.

Bubble Man's bubbles brought joy to the Allentown community and residents who simply passed by the area.

Unlike the bubbles, those who knew him said he had a rough exterior but plenty to give.

"I ran up food to him all the time. He was a pretty nice, hard fella. Navy Veteran. At the same time, he had a sweet side. He was nice to a lot of people around here," Young added.

The memorial, which was organized by the Allentown Association and Jim's Steakout, had four times the bubbles. Neighbors blew some, and for a second it felt like it was as if they were blowing bubbles with him.

Buffalo Joywalkers organizer, Linda Abrams said, "We came out to celebrate and honor Bubble Man because he was a big part of our experience all through the years. Whenever we dance here, he would blow bubbles and we call this the 'Vortex of Joy'."

While the people who were seen on at the "Vortex of Joy" corner were filled with joy, they sorely miss their dear friend, Chuck.

Abrams said, "He loved making people happy and that's his legacy that he's left us, so we're here to honor him."

The memorial continues Saturday, May 7.

"Bubble Up and Joy", a tribute to Chuck, will start at 2 p.m., hosted by the Buffalo Joywalkers.