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Could Western New York become a hub for movie-making?

John Krasinski
Posted at 4:38 PM, Aug 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-25 19:04:51-04

You can add the Grand Island Bridge to the list of Western New York staples that will be in A Quiet Place Part II movie. It was shut down Sunday for filming.

"We shut down the bridge around midnight. We filmed from about sunrise and we actually got lucky we finished a little about 10 we had the bridge open again," said Location Manager Joe Mullaney.

A viewer named Michael Scott (yes, his name is actually Michael Scott) captured this photo of the film's Director John Krasinski on the bridge.

John Krasinski

Filming has also taken place in Akron, Olcott and North Tonawanda. Mullaney says it's because Western New York has a lot to offer.

"It offered a lot of things that we couldn't find anywhere else. When the movie comes out you'll see a lot of the stuff we have, it's not really available in other parts of the country," said Mullaney.

Tim Clark, Commissioner of the Buffalo Niagara Film Office says it's not just the Queen City's great architecture.

"It's the people of Wester New York. It's the friendliness, it's the rhythm, it's the energy you find in Buffalo, all the new restaurants. It's a really cool place to be," said Clark.

Making adjustments like shutting down the bridge have all gone smoothly, according to Clark.

"It's kind of like what we do in snowstorms and at Bills games...we're always the underdog, but we always look out for one another and get it done," said Clark.

This may not be the last time a bridge is shut down for filming. There will be more big name movies coming to film in Western New York, according to Clark.

"Buffalo is certainly making a big buzz in Hollywood these days and there is some really neat stuff coming in 2020 and beyond," said Clark.

He says to look out for more large projects coming to our area that will keep the momentum going after A Quiet Place Part II is finished in a few weeks.