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Chelsea Ellis is welcomed home after more than six months

Posted at 6:25 PM, Oct 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-25 18:44:23-04

ALDEN, N.Y. (WKBW) — Friends danced around their cars as Chelsea Ellis mouthed, “Thank you. I love you,” in return. Chelsea has returned home after more than six months away recovering from her injuries after being struck by a Buffalo Police SUV.

“She's so happy to see everyone. Words don't describe what she's feeling right now. It's really heartwarming,” Chelsea’s aunt Linda Jackson said.

Friends, family and perfect strangers all gathered to welcome Chelsea home. They paraded by sporting welcome home signs, then stopped each car to chat with Chelsea. Several people, who have followed Chelsea’s journey, met Chelsea for the very first time.

“Chelsea, welcome home! We love you so much. You are an inspiration, young lady. For everything you’ve gone through, you’re an inspiration to us all,” a man Chelsea had just met said.

“Perfectly did not know Chelsea. It's just unbelievable the outpouring of love that this entire community has given Chelsea and the family. It's just been wonderful,” said Chelsea’s uncle Dan Hellwig.

29-year-old Chelsea suffered major injuries after being hit by a Buffalo Police SUV on her way home April 15th. She traveled to Colorado to undergo intense therapy for months. Donations raised on a GoFundMe allowed her to make the trip.

“If this happened to anyone else, we probably wouldn't be here today. She is so strong,” Hellwig said.

Now, after more than six months away, Chelsea is safely back home.

“She sat in the garage and got a chance to talk to every single person in the parade as they stopped in front of her garage and gave her such warm and heartfelt welcomes,” Jackson said.

The family said it says everything about the City of Good Neighbors.

“The people of Buffalo are a huge part of her whole healing process. The outpouring of monetary amounts of donations and all the prayers that go along with everything. It's the best,” Hellwig said.

The family said they are still in need of financial help. You can donate to them on GoFundMe.