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Celebrating the lives of a beloved doctor & his two daughters killed in north Buffalo fire

"We will reunite someday on the other side"
Posted at 7:16 PM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-14 08:59:41-04

BUFFALO, NY — Hundreds of people gathered inside the Friendship Baptist Church on Clinton Street in Buffalo Wednesday to say their final goodbyes to three members of a Buffalo family.

Funeral for Daniels family.

It was standing room only inside the church as loved ones shared memories of Buffalo Pediatrician Dr. Jonathan Daniels and his daughters, Jordan, 27, and Jensen, 23. 

All three died in a 4th of July house fire on Huntington Avenue in north Buffalo.

The service was filled with tears, laughter, and music to celebrate their lives.  

Mother & daughter at the funeral.

It was a heartbreaking funeral for the family wife said goodbye to her husband and two daughters and a daughter said goodbye to her father and two sisters.

“We are going to come together and celebrate my awesome, extraordinary, exceptional family man — that’s what we are doing today,” declared Janessa Givens Daniels, wife & mother.

Mrs. Daniels called her husband JD. She told those gathered it is her “privilege and duty” to honor him and called him a “larger-than-life superhero and king”.

Daughter Jillian called her sisters her “bookends” and cherished her close relationship with her father.

Jillian Daniels.

“Nine days ago it feels like I died too because I lost my sisters — I lost my dad and my life is irreparable changed,” described Jillian Daniels, daughter & sister.  “But I do know that there are three lives that are now gone — that are not coming back and I'm always constantly wondering now — I'm a huge believer in balance — the balance is gone, so the rest of my life — I now get to figure out what types of action — what can I do that will restore balance to the three priceless lives that are lost to me." 

Dr. Daniels is being remembered as a jubilant and devoted family man and his two daughters as vibrant and loving young women.

Mother & daughter speak at the funeral.

“This is really hard for me. I can't put it into words — not only was she my sister, as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, but she was also one of my best friends,” stated a Sorority sister to Jordan.  

A friend of Jensen's also spoke about her friendship that began in the sixth grade.  

“And when I first met Jensen, I didn't think we were going to be friends. I'm like — she's very excited all the time — very happy and we're just cutting paper hearts — we're not doing anything,” said the friend.    

Janessa says she wants her husband and her girls to be remembered as mission-focused for their love and work in the community.

Janessa Daniels.

“So I'd like to say at this time — farewell to my king — farewell to princes Jordan — farewell to my princess Jensen. Jilly and I will eventually be okay — we will work tirelessly to continue their legacies. We will reunite someday on the other side,” reflected Janessa. 

“Mt daddy taught me and my sisters the ethics of hard work and community building,” recalls Jillian.  

If you're looking for ways to support the Daniels family a gofundmeto help Janessa and her daughter are still accepting donations.

Investigators have not released a cause of the fire.