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Bills stadium survey of season ticket holders sheds light on plans for ticket pricing, PSLs

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Posted at 4:41 PM, May 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-12 16:41:19-04

BUFFALO (WKBW) — From seating options, to amenities, to ticket prices. It's a first look at what the Buffalo Bills may be thinking when it comes to the new $1.4 Billion stadium.

The team surveying season ticket holders in order to "provide our fans with the best possible experience that is unique and true to Buffalo".

Of immediate interest, the hypothetical pricing for PSLs or Personal Seat Licenses. It's a one time fee, per seat, for the right to purchase season tickets.

According to the survey obtained by 7 News suggested PSL prices varied based on seat location in the new stadium and range from $500 to $9000.

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 10.08.49 AM.png
Part of the survey sent to Bills season ticket holders showing potential pricing for seats and Personal Seat Licenses.

Jake Krezmien of West Seneca has been a season ticket holder since 2011 and says the pricing suggested in the survey fell in line with his expectations. "I kind of thought it may even be a bit higher," said Krezmien. "Speaking with some of my buddies, who have tickets as well, I think we all understand we have been very fortunate of the value of season tickets for however long. Some people will have to make some tough decisions."

Other fans had a wide range of reaction on social media. "I don't see who they think they will attract at these price points", one fan said on Twitter. "The PSLs varied which is nice, but need to come down across the board", another Bills fan said.

The Bills say one hundred percent of revenue generated from PSLs will be used for the construction of the new stadium.

Bills survey PSLS
Part of the survey of Bills season ticket holders explaining the need for Personal Seat Licenses

The survey also gave fans options to consider on how to pay for the personal seat license.

  • A one time upfront payment at the time of purchase
  • Three interest free payments made before the opening of the stadium
  • Financing the cost of the PSL over an extended period of time with interest once the stadium opens

"I think we've all know that PSLs are in the works," added Krezmien. "I think it's great there are some options. It definitely helped me understand some of the questions that I had."

In the survey the Bills say PSL owners will have the right to transfer or sell a Personal Seat License after the first year.