Catching up with voters on Election Day 2020

Posted at 1:49 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 13:52:27-05

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Voter turnout is expected to be high this year, with a record number of people voting early, but many are still heading to the polls this Election Day.

“They said it, it’s the election of our lives. Probably the biggest election of my life,” said Robert Parmley, who voted in Buffalo.

He stopped by Frank A. Sedita Academy in Buffalo's West Side around 9:30am, but when the polls opened at 6:00am, getting in to vote wasn’t as easy.

"The lines were crazy this morning! so right at 6 there was a line already. It was busy but we made it through, it was a nice morning rush," said Dorothy Shuldman, first-time election inspector.

Poll workers in Orchard Park managed a morning rush of voters over as well, but Tim Hogan and his young daugther Quinn Hogan are glad they came early to have their voices heard.

"I’m excited to see who wins!” said Quinn.

"For my kids, I have four kids and I think the future’s at stake,” said Tim Hogan.

Back in buffalo, the Lanfears says voting on election day is a family tradition.

"It might be the last time we do this because I’ll be going to college, so it’s definitely a pretty good last election and it’s a pretty serious one," said Ben Lanfear, 17.

But only his father David Lanfear was able to cast a vote today, because Ben is 17 and his mother Allison is a permanent resident, but not a citizen. But it was still important that they do this together, Lanfear says this election cycle has not been easy.

"Very stressful. I feel like this is the only moment where I have something in my hands," said Lanfear.

It’s clear that this election is having quite the impact on people. So we asked voters what issue is most important to them this year:

  • The environment
  • Race relations
  • COVID-19
  • Social justice

They also urge others to get out and vote as well. Polls are open until 9pm in New York State and until 8pm in Pennsylvania.