Are you ready to vote? How to look up your polling site and see a sample ballot ahead of Election Day

Posted at 1:04 PM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 13:04:46-04

In the rush to make decisions on the candidates and policies that matter most to us before Election Day, it's easy to forget one of the most simple questions: where do I vote?

New York State allows all voters to look up their registration status and polling site online. Click here to look up where you should go to cast your ballot on Election Day.

If you're nervous about operating a voting machine, you can review the machines being used in this year's elections on the New York State Board of Elections website.

County boards of elections also provide sample ballots for voters online. Here's a county-by-county look at how to check your ballot early:

The board of elections provides a 2020 To Be Elected list on its website.

Voters can view a list of sample ballots and selects the one that best fits their area.

Voters can view a list of sample ballots by town.

Voters can enter their information on the county's voter look-up page, then click "View Sample Election Ballot." You'll find the button on the left, above your voter status.

The board of elections offers its sample ballots as a multi-page PDF. Voters should be sure to check the text in the bottom right to find the ballot that matches their location.

Voters can enter their information on the county's polling place look-up pageto view their sample ballot, in addition to polling location information.

A list of offices to be elected in 2020 is available here.

Sample ballots are available by location at the bottom of the board of elections website.

More questions about voting? Check out our Vote in 2020 guide to get your questions answered.