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Your meal is free if you finish the Big "Elm" burger challenge at the Elma Towne Grille

Many have tried, but few have made it
Posted at 5:57 PM, May 28, 2019

ELMA, NY (WKBW-TV) — The Elma Towne Grille is not just a popular family restaurant, it has also been the site of the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". Owner Norm Bealer and his partners cooked up the difficult but tasty Big "Elm" Burger Challenge. Norm says "we started in 2011, we've had about a hundred and seventy people participate."

The Big Elm burger consists of six five ounce burger patties, bacon, onion rings all carefully constructed on a Costanza roll and held together with a few steak knives. The meal includes about "two and a half to three pounds of french fries" according to Norm.

The meal sells for $24.95. If the challenger finishes every bite in under 45 minutes, the meal is on the house and the winner can join the wall of fame. Otherwise, if the challenger does not finish the burger, the fries and all of the trimmings-then they pay full price for their meal and end up as a member of the "Wall of Shame."

You can get more information at the Elma Towne Grille website.
Elma Towne Grille 6650 Clinton Street, Elma, NY 14059 • (716) 651-4619