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Fixes coming for the Louisiana Street bridge and walkway

The City plans for the Louisiana Street bridge to be reconstructed in 2023
Posted at 12:31 PM, Aug 22, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — If you're looking for a good skyline view of the Queen City, try the one from the Louisiana Street bridge, but to get there, you'll have to drive through cracks and crumbling road.

It's the bridge that connects you to the 190. If you get off on exit five and turn onto Louisiana, you'll feel bumps as you make your way to Seneca St. Some drivers try to slow down, others try dodging the cracks and crumbling road.

Drivers are also dodging pieces of metal and hub caps as they try to make it across safely. Cars that did not escape the bridge without damage are commemorated on the fence, with a wall of hub caps.

Let's say you wanted to walk or bike the bridge instead, you're battling overgrown weeds, cracked sidewalks and pieces of gravel.

"That's all gonna change with a $47.5 million investment, $24 million will go into Louisana street," said Senator Tim Kennedy.

Back in June, local leaders announced federal funding will help connect neighborhoods to the waterfront, that includes the reconstruction of Louisiana Street. 7 Problem Solvers reached out to Michael Finn, Buffalo's Commissioner of Public Works, to make sure the bridge is included in that work.

"The scope of the Louisiana St. project does include the full reconstruction of the bridge including the pedestrian walkway," said Finn.

The City of Buffalo will oversee this project, officials anticipate this project will be in the design phase by the end of the year, ready for construction by next year.

In the meantime, 7 Problem Solvers asked if something can be done about the overgrown weeds.

"I will have the Mayor's impact team check for overgrown weeds and cut back as necessary this week," said Finn.

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