The weekend ahead brings winter to some and spring to others!

Posted at 9:33 AM, Mar 24, 2017

First spring weekend of the season and it's lackluster!  Here's how you can work around the weather:

FRIDAY:  Morning rain ends with clouds sticking around this afternoon.  Temperatures become milder and considering it  hasn't been in the 50s since March 7th, over two weeks ago, I'm sure many will want to take advantage over it even if it won't look pretty!

Those with evening plans, the rain showers move back in from north to south, from Niagara Falls to Buffalo and eventually through the S.Tier between 8-midnight.

Expect showers off and on through the overnight as a boundary looks to place it's self smack dab over WNY.

SATURDAY:  We'll have temperatures range from the 30s to near 60!  Take a look at the temperature maps for the day, Niagara Falls will be in the 30s with Buffalo flirting with 40 and Falconer hovers in the 50s. 

This is the system Don Paul will be tracking through the day, a shift in this boundary just a few miles north or south can dramatically warm up or cool down your town.  As of Friday morning, the cold line sits right along the state line, which means Bradford and northern Pennsylvania would be the mildest locations on the map and among the driest as well.

To plan out the day, keep the umbrella handy and use layers!  From the Niagara Peninsula to Allegany county more numerous showers will be crossing the region.  Here you'll be cold and damp.  South of Erie county and to the west, it'll be drier and a bit milder through the day as temperatures get into the 50s.

SUNDAY:  Starts wet but as the boundary lifts north we begin to dry out more and temperatures begin to moderate.  We'll get into the upper 50s to near 60.   We might have a couple showers through the afternoon but not nearly as wet as Saturday and there will be a definite improvement in temperatures.

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