Preparing you for the next 48-hours of wild, windy and near winter weather in WNY

Posted at 1:56 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 14:03:32-04

I know, some people are excited and others are dreading the thought of snow in our forecast.  Either way our 7 First Alert team is going to keep you informed through the first flakes of the season!

What to expect over the next 48 hours in WNY from 7 First Alert Meteorologist Autumn Lewandowski:

First, you're going to notice the wind, it's a stiff breeze at nearly 20mph with higher gusts. This will keep a chill in the air and make it feel like it's around 40F (during the day) and even the 30s by Thursday afternoon. It doesn't help we'll be about 10 degrees below average either.


Lake effect clouds and eventual lake effect rain showers as winds shift from southwesterly to westerly.  This will bring a band of rain from Buffalo late Tuesday to Wellsville by Wednesday. morning.

Temperatures remain in the mid-40s keeping all lake effect activity in the form of rain.



Lake effect rain showers as winds continue to shift to more of a northwesterly direction.  Temperatures are in the mid 40s.  Winds are NW 15-20mph with gusts 35-40mph.  Wind chills drop into the 30s.


Temperatures drop into the mid-30s for the S.Tier and a mix from rain to sleet and eventual snow occurs.

Locations:  Arcade, Franklinville, Ellicottville, Bradford, Olean, Cuba, Algelica to Coudersport.


Lake effect snow showers continue but remain limited with a warm ground to melt accumulating snow.  15mph winds and gusts near 30mph could make visibility tough at times.


Lake effect snow meanders from Cattaraugus county to Chatauqua county including the town of Jamestown and even get another band from Lake Ontario in Genesee county, including Batavia.  Wind chills will be in the 20s and again visibility will be reduced to blowing snow.


Lake effect snow showers diminish and shut off by mid-day.

Models are projecting under an inch of accumulation in the most persistent snows well south of Buffalo and even less than that for areas east, near Batavia. 

Just a couple of reminders, make sure you have your snow brush especially if you don't want to wait for your defroster to clear your wind shield.  Take your time on bridges/overpasses - no warm ground underneath it to keep it from freezing.  Put a blanket in the car incase you get stuck on the side of the road and stay safe this winter season!

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