How big is Hurricane Florence? Do you think it would encompass all of WNY?

Posted at 3:27 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 15:36:31-04

Hurricane Florence has grown in size from the 11AM update on Tuesday to the 2PM update.  It now has tropical strom force winds extending from the center of the storm to 170 n mi.  Wind speeds between 39mph - 73mph.  Hurricane force wind speeds now extend up to 60 n mi from the center with at least 74mph winds.


From 7 First Alert Meteorologist Autumn Lewandowski:

I know that is a lot of numbers so I wanted to bring it closer to home in order to do some comparing.  The numbers above are dealing with the radius, all we need to do is double that to get the diameter to see the storm as a whole.

This brings the tropical storm force winds to 370 n mi (nautical miles; slightly longer than a statute mile.  It is based on the circumference of the earth and is equal to 1 minute of latitude. 1 n mi = 1.1508mi)

Hurricane force winds extend 120 n mi.

What would that look like in WNY?

This means at least 39mph winds would be felt from Cleveland to Pittsburgh to Rochester to Toronto.

Hurricane force winds above 74 mph would be felt all across WNY From Hamilton, ON to Batavia, Jamestown, to Wellsville.

For the latest track and strength of Hurricane Florence visit the National Hurricane Center here.

For the 7 First Alert Forecast click here.



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