Could the summer-like heat break records?

Records June 6th to June 10th
Posted at 11:03 PM, Jun 05, 2021

This week will be a good taste of summer-time heat as the Buffalo Airport inches closer to the 80s for the beginning of June. May did reach into the 80s four times, including the record breaking 90 degree day on May 20th, however it dropped into the 60s and even the 50s during the last five days of the month!

The winds off of Lake Erie has kept Buffalo cooler and continues that trend on Sunday as southwest winds near 15-20mph. While the Buffalo Airport will likely top out near 80, our suburbs and Niagara Frontier will soar into the mid-upper 80s. The record for Sunday, June 6th is 90 set in 1955. Although the Buffalo Airport won't near the record, plenty of locations across WNY will top out in the upper 80s.

Records June 6th to June 10th

By Monday, we'll add more humidity to the mix and it sure will feel hotter across WNY. The record of 86 set in 2007 will be threatened but a lot is riding on how strong the winds will be, which would cool off the Buffalo Airport and keep 2021 out of the record books.

Tuesday, the mugginess will be up there but the temperatures won't make it to record levels. 91 set in 1968 has a firm hold on the record for the day.

Wednesday, once again rises into the 80s and we'll be about 10 degrees above average but it won't be enough to knock off 2005 where the Buffalo Airport reached 90.

By Thursday, our weather starts to get muddled as temperatures hang out near 80 and that doesn't stand a chance against a record standing since 1895, at 91.

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