UB's biggest fan in Providence

Posted at 6:34 AM, Mar 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-17 09:25:26-04

With every bucket someone hops on the UB bandwagon, but don't you say that about Dan Cohen.

"Absolutely the world's biggest UB fan," Dan Cohen said. "For those getting on the bandwagon now you had to live through the pain in '05 when we lost at the buzzer to Ohio back in the MAC tournament 11 years ago."

Conveniently, Cohen now only lives 20 minutes from Providence, where his beloved Bulls will be taking the court Thursday evening.

"It's a great time to be a Bulls fan you know we have the men playing here tomorrow in Providence we got the women in Columbus on Friday can pick a better time to be at bulls fan."

But what makes Dan such a big fan?

"Yeah, so I was Victor E. Bull for about two years. Phenomenal experience, you know we definitely have the best fans across New York State."

For those who don't know, Victor E. Bull is UB's mascot. If there a basketball game or football game Victor's there.

If you've been to a UB game or have watched one on TV you'll notice the mascot is pretty lean--but he wasn't that way.

"Yeah so this was right after I graduated they updated the entire costume that's when he slimmed-down.  So I was chunky Victor."

But while he was the mascot Cohen didn't really tell anyone on it campus. It was a secret. He says some of his friends still don't know--but now the secret is out.

So does Cohen have anything to tell the current mascot?

"Just have fun with it. Be excited, be proud, you know you represent the State University of New York at Buffalo enjoy that. And get on TV. If you are a good mascot you know where the cameras are and you know how to get on TV and just have a lot of fun with it."