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Super 7: Niagara Falls High School's Ava White

Posted at 7:00 PM, Apr 21, 2023

NIAGARA FALLS, NY. (WKBW) — If you’re at all familiar with the softball scene in the Niagara Frontier League than you surely know the name Ava White. The Niagara Falls High School junior is making a name for herself.

Clocking in at 62 miles per hour her fastball is the baseball equivalent of facing a 90 mile per hour heater.

Alongside her changeup, curveball and drop ball. White has an arsenal that makes her gameplan seamless. Everytime she gets in the circle

“I always set goals for myself each game. Like how many strikeouts do I want to have. And if I don’t reach that it’s ok but at least I have a number in my head because that helps me motivate myself," White told 7 Sports.

White became a captain of the Wolverines in her sophomore season. It’s a lot of pressure to put on an underclassmen. But head coach Martha Amoretti has seen her star player thrive in that role.

“She looks forward to pitching every game. If you gave it to her every game she’d be more than happy to. Her toughness on the mound is astonishing also. Last year I saw her get hit with a couple balls coming right back at her," Amoretti said. "And I’ll ask are you good, do you want to come out? And she says no, I don’t want to come out.”

White’s ultimate goal is to finish her last two seasons of high school ball and then find a division one program to call home. Coach Amoretti is fully confident she can do that. And Ava knows the best place to pursue that dream is right here. Alongside her Wolverine teammates.

“Say I let up a few runs, we get back out and score a few more," said White. "And that definitely increases my confidence. And increase theirs.”

An accountable leader. That wants everyone to get better. It’s why Ava White is this week’s Super 7 Athlete of the Week.