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Years of collective young talent shines on day one of Sabres development camp

Posted at 11:36 PM, Jul 13, 2022

BUFFALO, NY. (WKBW) — Over the last few seasons the Buffalo Sabres have built up quite the young arsenal of talent in their organization. On day one of Development Camp that talent was on full display.

Guys like Owen Power, Jack Quinn and this year's draft picks all taking Center ice. Showcasing what the future of professional hockey in Buffalo can look like.

“There’s a lot of talent on the ice in these two sessions. It’s three years of not having development camp. To being able to sit there today and just watch these guys. And think about the last two plus years I’ve been on the job," says Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams. The work our staff has done. And now you can see it and feel it.”

Whether we see these guys playing in Buffalo or in Rochester this upcoming season. Each and every person on the ice will play a vital role in bringing the Sabres back to prominence around the NHL.

“I know we’re all excited about what they’ve done in our organization both in Rochester and in Buffalo," says Rochester head coach Seth Appert. "And what they’re about to do for our organization going forward.”

Day two of development camp starts back up on Thursday at 9:30 a.m.