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Watch: One-on-one with new Sabres winger Jeff Skinner

Posted at 2:32 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 14:32:45-04

Jeff Skinner hasn't been a member of the Buffalo Sabres for very long but he thinks his new team is heading in the right direction. 

“The pieces they have here, the talent they have, the young players they have coming up and I think playing against some of the guys you don’t really realize how skilled they are. But I think once you get to see them and practice every day you sometimes gain more of an appreciation and I have seen that with quite a few guys here," Skinner said. "Then I think the mindset, I think there has obviously been a lot of change here, there has been a lot of talk about change in the way things are and changing the way things are going and the trajectory. For me coming in I think that’s pretty exciting. I am excited to be a small piece of that."

Skinner, 26, is already entering his ninth season in the league. Over the years he's scored plenty of goals [204 goals] and realizes he was brought to Buffalo to continue to produce.

When asked what would make 2018-2019 a successful season, Skinner said with a smile "If we make the playoffs." 

To watch the entire interview with Skinner head to the top of the page! 

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