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Sabres reveal Winter Classic jersey

Posted at 10:20 AM, Nov 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-22 10:22:48-05

After months of speculation, concept designs and rumors the NHL and Adidas have finally unveiled what the Buffalo Sabres will be wearing at the 2018 Winter Classic. 

On Wednesday the Sabres officially made the announcement after teasing that news would come "soon" for several weeks. In September the NHL posted a series of pictures on social media, hinting at the logos that would be featured on both the Sabres and Rangers sweaters. 


Bove's take:

It has been a rough few weeks in Buffalo sports. The Bills are crumbling and the Sabres once again sit at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. 

So here we are, getting excited about a piece of clothing because there's not much else to be excited about. 

And that's completely okay, especially if you love a nice jersey like me. Over the years, I've stood on my soapbox proclaiming the Sabres need to lighten up, returning to their original shade of royal blue and gold on a full-time basis. 

While that hasn't happened, at least yet, the Winter Classic jersey is a sweater fans can be excited about. I love the simplicity of the jersey and think Adidas and the Sabres hit a home run. It's a clean look but it still stands out and makes a statement. 

For as bad as things have been on the ice, this jersey will give fans something to get excited about. I know that sounds ridiculous but hey, the better you look, the better you play, right?