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How the Buffalo Sabres could end up making the playoffs

Jack Eichel Buffalo Sabres
Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 17:16:43-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. [WKBW] — Despite their second-half slump and third-fewest points in the Eastern Conference, the Buffalo Sabres could end up in a playoff spot.

According to Mark Spector of Sportnet, the National Hockey League is exploring the idea of hosting four mini playoff tournaments if the league can't resume regular season play.

"Assuming no regular season games get played, the most popular playoff scenario is the following: The Top 6 teams from each Division meet in one city. They would open with best-of-three series between the No. 1 and 2 seeds (to decide a Division winner), while No. 3 meets 6 and 4 meets 5 for the right to keep playing," Spector wrote.

The Sabres, who have 13 regular season games left to play, currently own the No. 6 spot in the Atlantic Division standings. Under the aforementioned format, the Sabres and Maple Leafs would meet for a three-game mini-series to keep playing.

To be clear, this is just one proposal the NHL is looking into. Right now, that's all the league can do with so many questions during these uncertain times.