Bove: The Sabres should claim Ty Rattie

Bove: The Sabres should claim Ty Rattie
Posted at 6:11 PM, Jan 03, 2017

I'm a fan of making decisions based off the risk and reward. 

For example, I'm usually a chicken with my burrito bowl kind of guy, but the other day I tried the chorizo. It wasn't a very big risk because I knew my meal would be delicious either way, but the reward could've been pretty substantial if I liked the chicken and pork combo.

Sadly, I wasn't a huge fan, but the risk wasn't very high so I could look you in the eye and say that I don't regret my spicy decision. 

So what does a burrito bowl have to do with a 23-year-old under-performing hockey player? 

Why everything, of course!

On Tuesday, the St. Louis Blues waived former second round pick Ty Rattie. The name may be foreign to most fans, but not long ago Rattie was a high-end prospect coming out of the Western Hockey League.

Since getting the call from the Blues, Rattie has only appeared in 30 games and registered eight points (4G, 4A). He's spent the majority of his professional career with the Blues' AHL affiliate Chicago Wolves, lighting up the league with 136 points in 193 games.

So why hasn't his game translated to the NHL level? Multiple reporters who cover the Blues say Rattie was in head coach Ken Hitchcock's dog-house and never got out. Let's not kid ourselves, the Blues have a pretty talented team, making it tough for a young player to thrive with such limited opportunity.

Here's what St. Louis writer Dan Buffa says about Rattie:

"Rattie played in 13 games last year and scored 4 goals and produced 6 points. He has produced at the minor league level and has nothing left to prove there. Perhaps that is why he never went back to Chicago. One thing is clear and that is St. Louis isn’t going to put him to use. They need to purge these kind of fringe talents that will simply go to waste if not properly utilized. Rattie’s best bet is finding a new home."

If the Sabres General Manager Tim Murray thinks Rattie makes sense, they'll have to put in a claim by noon on Wednesday. Waiver priority is determined by standings with the team lowest in the standings getting the highest priority. Buffalo is currently in 28th place, so they would have a very good shot at Rattie.

I'm not suggesting Rattie would be a huge difference maker for the Sabres, but he's still only 23-years-old and has potential to contribute if given the chance. It's a move with a greater reward than risk, so sign me up. 

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