Bove: The 7 best hockey movies of all time

Bove: The 7 best hockey movies of all time
Posted at 6:08 PM, Feb 09, 2017
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Once a year the Anaheim Ducks come to town and it brings back glorious memories of 'The Mighty Ducks' movies. There's a special place in my heart for a good hockey movie, so let's countdown some of the best.

Before you start berating me, there will be awesome movies that don't make this list.

Let's have some fun, shall we?

7 -- Happy Gilmore (1996)

Yes, 'Happy Gilmore' is a golf movie, but it's also a hockey movie. Gilmore's first love is hockey and that's very apparent throughout the whole movie.

It's also incredibly quotable, which is a must for any Adam Sandler movie.

"That's my puck baby, don't you ever touch my puck!"

6 -- D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)

How could it be a hockey movie countdown without 'The Mighty Ducks' involved? D3, at least in my opinion, is the weakest link in the trilogy, but still, deserves a spot on this list.

What's the one thing all great teams have in common?


*TIE* 5 -- Mystery, Alaska (1999) -- Youngblood (1986)

'Mystery, Alaska' has mixed reviews in the hockey community, but I really liked the concept of the movie. Like most hockey movies, the speech from Russel Crowe's character (John Biebe) before the third periods fires you up.

'Youngblood' is about following your dreams and never giving up, which is the most cliche theme ever, but Rob Lowe makes it work. Remember how cheesy the fights were when they carried him off the ice? Classic.

4 -- The Mighty Ducks (1992)

It's the first time we get introduced to Coach Bombay and the lovable losers from District 5. The original movie sets up the trilogy and gives us a team that's easy to root for.

Seriously, what hockey player didn't try 'The Flying-V' at practice or in the street with some buddies? Charlie Conway made wearing #96 cool and just like that a dynasty was born.

3 -- D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)

The 'Ducks Fly Together' speech catapults the sequel past the original in my book. They are both great, but something about knocking off Iceland seems like a bigger deal than beating the Hawks.

Iceland's hockey program is still trying to bounce back after the loss.

"He's fancy, he'll go glove"

2 -- Slap Shot (1977)

'Slap Shot' is likely the most beloved hockey movie ever made. I've seen it a dozen times and I still laugh every time I watch it.

When it came out it actually wasn't super popular but has become a cult classic over the years. In every pond hockey tournament, there's a group of guys that dress up like the Hanson brothers, and it's always a hit. To those dudes, never change.

1 -- Miracle (2004)

Want to get pumped up? Watch Miracle. It works every single time.

I may be biased as an American, but this one takes the cake for me and it wasn't even close.

Just watch this clip, you won't regret it. You've probably already seen it, but the speech is just as powerful on a random Thursday in February. Do you believe in miracles? 

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