Kromer sisters turning heads on the ice and leading OP-Frontier- Lake Shore to a hot start

Posted at 9:23 PM, Dec 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-23 21:23:05-05

Mary and Emily Kromer aren’t twins — but anyone who has watched them play hockey might find that hard to believe.

"We kind of have like this telepathic mind thing going on,” Mary Kromer, the younger of the sisters said. “We can always tell what each other we're always thinking and if we're having a bad game and she comes on the bench I can always tell if she's having a good game or bad game and you know she always help me cheer up if I'm having a bad game and I do the same for her.”

Both Mary and Emily play for the Orchard Park-Lake Shore- Frontier Girl’s Varsity hockey team. This season, the Kromer sisters are two of the team’s leading scorers — and happen to play on the same line.

"I definitely know Mary's style of play and I can read where she's going with the puck,” Emily said. “You know, she doesn't have to verbally communicate because I just know her style of play, so if she's going to the corner I know to cut to the net or if she's going to the net I know to cut back door.”

The sister-act has proven to be very successful, leading the OP-Lake Shore-Frontier girls squad past some league power-houses, including a 5-1 win over  Monsignor Martin last week.

“She makes hockey almost ten times better and we always score goals together and work really well together,” Mary added.

“You have to cherish the moments that you have with her because, you know, for me, these are my last two years playing youth hockey,” Emily said. “I definitely go out there and think, you know, this might be my last year with my sister and just to actually go out there and do it, it's something super special.”


#1 - Mary and Emily Kromer

#2 – Tavien Kemp, Archbishop Walsh Basketball

Kemp joined the 1,000 points club with the Eagles earlier this season.

“Tavien is our leader on and off the court with both his play and his tireless work ethic,” Athletic Director Peter Ebert said. “Every coach covets players like Tavien and he is an excellent representative of what we want a Walsh Student-athlete to be.”

#3 – Raeann White, Lake Shore Basketball

“Raeann scored 597 points at Gowanda as their starting point guard from 8th grade until 10th,” Andrea Conrad, the Lake Shore Varsity Girl’s coach said. “Last year, Raeann transferred to Lake Shore and was a pleasant surprise to our program not only for her basketball skill and ability, but also for her reliability, leadership, determination, and kind heart.”

This year White is averaging 17 points a game and sits at 1005 career points.  She is currently second in all-time scoring at Lake Shore.Nicole Georgi, Class of '96, holds the record with 1109 points. 

#4 – Alec Hoch, Orchard Park Swimming

Koch is currently ranked #1 in the state in the 50 freestyle.

"Alec has really come on over the past two seasons and he has worked extremely hard to where he is now,” Orchard Park assistant coach Phil Arnica said. “He has a very good chance to become a state champ with his dedication to the team and willingness to always want to be better."

# 5 - Ella Rose Eckert, Clarence Basketball

“(Ella) had two double-doubles last week in victories over Hamburg and Jamestown,” Varsity coach Erin Booker said. “Rose scored 19 points and brought down 15 rebounds in each game.  Ella's leadership and teamwork has led the Red Devils to a 4-0 start this season.”

#6 – Benjamin Weppner, St. Joe’s Hockey

Weepier recorded his first career shutout in the Marauders 4-0 win over St. Francis.

# 7 – Kendall Mills, Kenmore East Basketball
Mills surpassed the 1,000 point mark in her career in a 66-34 win over Lewiston-Porter at the Bulldogs improved to 4-1 on the season.

“Kendall is a great teammate and co-captain this year,” head coach Jack Blanch said.  “She is a coach on the court. Kendall scored her 1000th point last week and is 152 points behind her sister Kacie.”