Super fan and regular ones head to Providence

Posted at 4:13 PM, Mar 17, 2016

There's your typical UB men's basketball fans and then there's Francis Letro. He sits court side at EVERY home game and sits right across from the team.

He made the trip to Providence a day early and says it's incredible to see how far this team has come. But he's not alone.

Wednesday a bus full of fans pulled into the parking lot of UB's team hotel.

Players say they hope it feels like any other game in Amherst, especially when you consider how close Buffalo is compared to the teams opponent, Miami.

Now it probably won't happen Thursday but Letro was promised something by UB head coach Nate Oats.

"Coach told me since I sit courtside and I am at every game and I sit across from him he said to me Fran, get rubber soled shoes. If we're ahead by 100 he said with 30 seconds to go he says I am going to call you in and I'll take the technical foul, but I will call you went to the game.

You better believe Letro packed his rubber soled shoes. He made sure he packed his blue pair in case UB has a big night.