Nate Oats signs five-year extension with UB

Nate Oats signs five-year extension with UB
Posted at 6:35 PM, Mar 08, 2018

University at Buffalo men's basketball coach Nate Oats isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. On Thursday UB announced that Oats has signed a five-year contract extension that will begin at the conclusion of the season and runs through the 2023 season. 

"I want to thank Kathy Twist and President Satish Tripathi for their confidence in both our staff and our program," Oats said. "We are extremely proud of the accomplishments we have had over these past few years and look forward to continuing to grow the men's basketball program here at Buffalo.  I love this group of players that I get to coach every day and am excited to continue to lead this group.  Crystal and I have enjoyed raising our family in Western New York and we are glad that we can continue to do so in such a special place."

Oats, 43, has been with the program since 2013. On Wednesday Oats was named 2018 MAC coach of the year.

Serving as an assistant under Bobby Hurley, Oats took over as head coach in 2015. In his nearly three full seasons as head coach with the Bulls, Oats has led his team to a 61-38 record. 

"We are very pleased Nate will remain at UB to continue the great success the men's basketball program has achieved under his leadership," interim Athletic Director Kathy Twist said.  "He has proven himself to be a tremendous leader on and off the court and a highly respected member of the UB community and the Mid-American Conference."

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