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Young Buffalo Bills fan with rare disorder draws photo of Josh Allen only using his mouth

The young man hasn't let his disability stop him from creating a masterpiece to highlight his favorite player.
Graysen Josh Allen photo
Posted at 11:09 AM, Dec 31, 2021

OWEGO, N.Y. (WKBW) — An 11-year-old Buffalo Bills fan named Graysen with a rare disorder that prevents him from using his arms and legs, drew a photo of Josh Allen by only using his mouth.

"My son, he loves football. Watching the athletes, the players, it makes him feel like he's right there on the field with them," said Jeanni Midolo, his mom.

Sweet Buffalo

He's shocked teachers and staff at his school with his dedication to the Bills and his artistic skills - all with just a short pencil and his mouth.

"It's amazing, I was blown away by how good it was, and how it wasn't even a thought in his mind to do it with his mouth," said Amy McManus-Palmer, a teacher's aide at Graysen's school.

Graysen Ripic was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a severe medical condition that locks joints and muscles, completely restricting movement, in this case to Graysen's arms and legs. He's grown up with trouble moving - but that clearly hasn't stopped him from drawing.

"When I first met Graysen, I saw a kid in a wheelchair and I hoped I could help ... but as I got to know him better and better ... I realized he didn't need any. He is so independent. He can do it all himself, he's such a strong little guy," said McManus-Palmer.

Graysen loves the Bills so much, he's covered every part of the house with his art - including his own body.

"He made multiple casts after his surgeries, and wanted to dress them up so he didn't look like a sick kid. Everywhere we go they would just say go Bills, and it made him feel special," said Midolo.

Graysen certainly hasn't had an easy journey - but his positive attitude and trademark smile help him - and everyone else - push forward.

"He completely lights up a room - nothing can stop him," said McManus-Palmer.

The photo Graysen drew of Allen got plenty of attention on social media - and Graysen has been trying to get the attention of number 17 himself:

"I want to meet Josh. He's my favorite player. The way he moves, he's so good - I want to be just like him. If they can find robotic arms for me to throw - I'll be right on the field beside him," said Greyson.

His whole room - all dedicated to Josh.

"He just loves the Bills. He wants to show everyone how much he cares," said Jeanni, his mom.

Due to his fantastic drawing and social media support, Graysen is headed to Sunday's home game against the Atlanta Falcons, thanks to a generous donation from the Bellreng Towing company.

He is extremely excited to watch his favorite player live from the Bud Light Club on Sunday, and has a message for number 17.

"I'll be at the Bud Light Club - come meet me!"

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