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"You gotta be ready", Bills RB Devin Singletary has strong preseason game with Moss sidelined

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Posted at 5:20 PM, Aug 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-14 17:20:25-04

DETROIT, MI (WKBW) — After a down season on the ground, there’s no starter set in stone when it comes to the running back position.

But in Friday night’s preseason game against the Detroit Lions, Bills third-year back Devin Singletary had a great showing, taking advantage of Zack Moss being sidelined with an injury.

“You’ve gotta be ready”, Singletary said. “When your number’s called, you have to make plays and that’s what it was."

Singletary finished with eight carries for 42 yards, averaging 5.2 yards a carry. He also showed his ability in the pass game adding a six-yard touchdown reception, the team’s lone touchdown of the game.

“It’s always fun when you can make things happen for the team,” Singletary said. “To be back in the end zone for us an offense, it was big. Everybody was hyped off of that.”

"I was impressed by the way he ran," head coach Sean McDermott added. "We had 90 yards rushing in the first half, so I was pleased to see that."

It was a great start for the third-year running back considering the ground game needs a lot of work. Singletary, who rushed for 775 yards in 2019 and 687 yards in 2020, is hoping to get some power back into the run game.

While Singletary led the team in rushing, they also got contributions from Matt Breida [10 carries, 27 yards) and Antonio Williams [7 carries, 15 yards].

“Sometimes you may not be able to get into a rhythm, but you just gotta be ready,” he said. “That’s when the mental toughness comes in. When an opportunity presents itself, you gotta be ready.”

Without a preseason last year, the Bills backfield wants to take advantage of these first three games and they’re already seeing results.

“It’s paying off, even if it’s just the beginning,” Singletary said. “Being mentally prepared and of course my physical standpoint as far as my body being able to withstand a season and things like that and being able to withstand a game - being able to make blocks, whatever may be.”

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