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Fans react to spectators in the stands for the playoff game

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Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 30, 2020

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.(WKBW) — “The opportunity to go, to opt in, it’s awesome. I don’t have words,” said Dani Zappia.

Zappia said she’ll likely have seniority to attend the Buffalo Bills home playoff game next week. Her family has had bills season tickets since 1973.

"I love the Bills,” the Orchard Park resident said. “I live and breathe them.”

Michael McNerney is another self professed died hard Bills fan. He said he received an email from the Bills on Tuesday, indicating things were moving in the right direction. He inherited his father’s season tickets from 1968 and will also likely be eligible to see the game in person based on the franchise’s seniority policy.

“We’ll probably drive up Thursday and even with no tailgating, I’m still ecstatic,” the Long Island resident said.

According to the Bills website, tickets are not expected to be available for all season ticket holders. That’s disappointing for fans like Josh Borrows. He’s had season tickets since 2008 and likely won’t get a shot to purchase playoff tickets based on his relatively short time as a season ticket holder. Still, he believes the plan is fair.

“People have been season ticket holders a long time. They’ve invested a lot of money. So, it makes sense to me.”

Fans will also be required to get tested 72 hours prior to the game. A drive-thru testing site will be set up in the stadium parking lot. It will cost $63 at the ticket holder’s expense.

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