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Buffalo Bills' success producing results off field

"Our goal for Mondays is like 1,500 and we're way passed that today."
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Posted at 9:51 PM, Oct 11, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The excitement over the Buffalo Bills is not just being felt in Western New York.

Fans across the country are jumping on board.

Before the season started, the NFL announced Josh Allen had the best-selling jersey in the entire league.

7ABC's Pheben Kassahun took a a look at how the team's success is producing results off the field.

"I am a Bills fan die-hard no matter what," Bills fan, John Jones said.

Bills fans were loud and proud Monday, coming off of the win of redemption.

Jones added, "It as very good of a win for them, because it was definitely payback and I felt Stefon Diggs' emotion of last year, because he wanted to go to the Super Bowl and I'm so happy they got that win over the Chiefs."

The excitement has been so great, Bills merchandise is selling like hot cakes, on victory Monday, at the Walden Galleria.

Tee Shirt University

"It was awesome. I know the Bills have been waiting since we lost last year just to get back at them, so it was a good win," Tee Shirt University cashier, Sean Emmert said. "Our goal for Mondays is like 1,500 and we're way passed that today."

Laux Sporting Goods store manager, Nick Colbe said, "Sales have been good. I mean, it's picked up a lot. A lot of people are loving it. People who were around in the '90s say that it's very comparable to back then, like the hype around the team and you know how good they're playing and stuff like that."

Laux Sporting Goods

Nick Colbe attended the AFC Championship game with the Bills playing against the Kansas City Chiefs, witnessing the upset, in January.

"It was very fun. It was hard to sit through. I thought we had that game," Colbe added.

Fortunately, all is well now, in Bills Country and in Bills stores.

"So seeing them go in there again and do what they did. It was so great to watch. It was so great to watch," Colbe said. "The Micah Hyde Pick 6. That gave us momentum. It always felt through the game that we had the game in our hands and that I thought we were going to win either way, but that just like sealed it in my opinion."

Jones added, "Keep doing what you're doing. The Bills fans is right behind you, and go for that championship."

The Bills plan to get another win under their belt, against the Tennessee Titans, Monday, Oct. 18 at 8:15 p.m. ET.

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