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New outdoor wedding venue now open in Corfu

The Hatrich Chateau is now taking bookings
Posted at 12:17 PM, Oct 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-14 12:18:02-04

CORFU, N.Y. (WKBW) — A Corfu couple is opening their 139-acre home to all of WNY as a new outdoor venue. They're calling it the Hartrich Chateau.

“We were looking around and the areas are so beautiful that we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves,” said Tia Reding-Hartrich, Co-Owner.

With stunning views of trees and foliage in the Fall and flowers blooming in the Spring, it's a beautiful, social distance-friendly venue.

"There’s only so many outdoor spaces in WNY, so we wanted to open up new spaces that couples could use for their weddings and events,” said Reding-Hartrich.

They bought the home last year and after friends and family gave them a push, they opened this venue at the beginning of September. It's a risk they were willing to take during the pandemic to help other couples.

"We thought there could be couples out there that could be stranded and needed a last minute option,” said Jeff Hartrich, Co-Owner.

Guests will have several locations to choose from to say "I do". From the spacious garden, a tree-lined area called Arbor Row, to their wide open Meadow View location and more. But, this venue can also be used for more than just weddings.

"If you want to do a bridal shower here, if you want to do a baby shower, even just a dinner party, we had people ask about a harvest fall dinner party, so we are available for all types of events," said Reding-Hartrich.

They’re taking bookings year-round and pricing depends on the kind of event. You can make an appointment to tour the space and learn more.

"We anticipate our busy months to be May to October, but we will be available if someone wants to squeeze in a winter wedding," said Reding-Hartrich.

This is a passion project for the couple. For their own wedding several years ago, they made an outdoor venue from scratch.

"They thought we were out of our minds, that we were crazy for doing it," said Hartrich.

But it brought them memories they’ll cherish forever and now they hope to bring other couples the same experience.

“We really just want everyone to have a great, unique, personal experience," said Reding-Hartrich.

If you're interested, you can reach out on their website or social media sites.

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