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Fish Fry Friday: Two more spots for you to check out today in the Lancaster-Depew area

Side Door Deli's Fish Fry sells out quick, so place orders early in the week
Posted at 11:37 AM, Mar 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-05 14:51:03-05

LANCASTER, N.Y. (WKBW) — For this week's Fish Fry Friday, our own Taylor Epps checked out two spots in the Lancaster-Depew area who are thriving so far this Lenten season.

"We can go through probably 400 dinners with drive thru taking them home, plus the inside so it’s picked up quite a bit," said Dave Len, Assistant Manager of the Polish Falcons Society of Depew.

There are so many good ones out there, but those are just imitators and you haven’t had a real fish fry until you’ve had the Polish Falcons' Fish Fry, according to the Falcons.

The polish falcons society of Depew has been around since 1903. They host fundraisers to donate money to local charities and host people inside for events. As you can imagine, they were hit hard by the pandemic, canceling their events for the last year.

"Bills are expensive, but we have to keep going," said Len.

So far, they’re getting the support they need to carry on. And just a short drive away in Lancaster, business is also booming at Side Door Deli on Broadway.

"We see a lot more family members that are bringing dinners to their neighbors, to their parents, seniors," said owner Robert Klaczyk.

The pandemic hit their business hard, but a shift to takeout has been beneficial. Klaczyk says the freshness is what makes their fish fry so special.

"Fish fry batter is made fresh in the morning and they're battered to order and all our salads are homemade, french fries too," said Klaczyk.

Klaczyk starts in the kitchen at 3am to start making orders. He says it all pays off when he sees happy customers.

"Those people that come in to buy fish they see the dining room and all the other things we offer here in the deli so it's helped us grow our business, we see those fish fry Friday people in here on Saturday and Sunday," said Klaczyk.

They're even looking to expand and hire more cooks, to apply just call.

To get a fish fry from the Polish Falcons Society you can drive-thru from 3-7pm or dine in from 4-8pm. Fish fry orders are $11. No need to call ahead, just come to 445 Columbia Ave in Depew.

To pre-order a fish fry at Side Door Deli just call (716) 683-4831, order early before they sell out. Fish fry orders are $11.99. You can takeout or dine in.