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BFLO Store to host spring market starting March 20

And welcoming vendors into their store
The BFLO Store is welcoming vendors and families this spring for a new market
Posted at 6:02 AM, Feb 23, 2021

CLARENCE, N.Y. (WKBW) — Traditions are changing as of late, but one local store hopes to give families some new traditions in the weeks leading up to Easter in 2021.

“It’s a neat way to obviously celebrate tradition, but also bring something new to the area," said Nathan Mroz, Owner and Founder of the BFLO Store.

After he heard seasonal vendors weren't able to return to the Broadway Market this year, he wanted to help them out and give them a new space to set up.

Broadway Market

“The market is such a staple, but I think part of the reason they had to bump some vendors is because they’re so...on top of each other, well you can’t do that,” said Mroz.

He's got a full hallway and plenty of space inside the store to host them for the spring season, creating a new spring market starting March 20.

Mroz says vendors can set up in this hallway
Mroz says vendors can set up in this hallway

“We’ll have a in-store egg hunt so people will be able to find eggs throughout the store and they’ll be able to bring those to the counter for prizes,” said Mroz.

They'll also have live music playing for families to enjoy and greenhouses there with floral displays that smell of spring.

What vendors can you expect to see?
Well Chrusciki Bakery and Simply Pierogi are already here year-round at the European Lounge. Platter's Chocolate will also set up shop inside.

And it’s actually even bigger than just the BFLO Store, Mroz says the entire Eastern Hills Mall is also hosting a large market with those seasonal vendors leading up to Easter on April 4.