Your guide to this weekend's Taste of Buffalo

Posted at 11:07 AM, Jul 06, 2018

This year's Taste of Buffalo is shaping up to be a great one, with great weather throughout the event. Heading to the Taste? Here's everything you need to know for this year's event.


Come meet us!

Be sure to stop by our booth in Niagara Square to meet our team, join in on Rocks for Unity, and spin the wheel to win prizes.


Map for the event (Click to enlarge)


What's new this year?

There are six vendors making their first trip to Taste of Buffalo this year. They are:

  • Ru's Pierogi (Food Truck)
  • Souped Up (Food Truck)
  • Dirty Bird Chicken N'Waffles (Food Truck) 
  • Carmine's (Restaurant) 
  • Alex's Place (Restaurant) 
  • A Gust of Sun Winery & Vineyard (Winery) 

The festival is also a bit larger this year, extending past Chippewa on Delaware.


Road closures for the event

The road closures start Friday afternoon and run through Sunday. Here's the full list of street closures: 

  • Delaware Avenue starting at West Tupper and continuing to and around Niagara Square
  • Tracy Street between Elmwood & Delaware
  • Johnson Park between Elmwood & Delaware
  • Chippewa Street between Elmwood & Franklin
  • West Genesee between Franklin & Niagara Square
  • Court between Franklin & Niagara Square
  • Niagara between Elmwood & Niagara Square
  • Perkins between Elmwood & Niagara Square
  • Jerge between Elmwood & Niagara Square
  • West Mohawk between Elmwood & Franklin
  • West Huron between Elmwood & Franklin
  • Cary between Elmwood & Delaware

For more information about parking options at Taste of Buffalo, click here


Forecast for the event

Check out the full forecast on our weather page


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