Preparation is key for vendors at the Taste of Buffalo

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 09:26:18-04

The Taste of Buffalo was named the largest two-day food festival in the country, and it starts on Saturday July 7th, right in the heart of downtown Buffalo. 

For weeks restaurants have been preparing to serve over 450,000 tasters. One of the managers at Niagara Cafe on Niagara Street, Lillian Quintana, believes that food preparation is key to success for "The Taste" weekend. 

Niagara Cafe, has been serving up Puerto Rican food for the event on and off for 23 years and has won two Taste of Buffalo Awards. The restaurant took a break from "The Taste" last year but are back and are ready for the crowds, Quintana said. She also added that for new venders, hard work and lots of time are expected.

Andy Ruszczyk is ready for the challenge. Ruszczyk is the Head Chef and Partner at Ru's Pierogi right down the street from Niagara Cafe... but Ru's Pierogi are first timers at "The Taste".

"We can't run out of Pierogi, we have Pierogi for days," said Ruszczyk, the chef and his team are prepared and excited for their first vending experience at "The Taste". 

The classic twist on a traditional Pierogi is what makes Ru's different, Ruszczyk added, he said that the finger food will be perfect for walking around. 

There are six new venders that have a spot at the festival. 

Ru's Pierogi (Food Truck)

Souped Up (Food Truck)

Dirty Bird Chicken N'Waffles (Food Truck) 

Carmine's (Restaurant) 

Alex's Place (Restaurant) 

A Gust of Sun Winery & Vineyard (Winery) 


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