Young brothers making a name in the local music scene

The prefer the blues but appreciate all music
Posted at 9:32 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-25 21:32:28-04

No one really knows what makes a great musician. Is it talent? Hard work? Maybe a little magic? No matter what it is, they always seem to remember how it all began. That's true for Noah Moses of Clarence "we were moving, I found a harmonica in the basement and I fell in love with it." He also learned how to play it.

The self taught musician and his younger brother Isaiah have been playing "open mic " nights at area venues. A friend caught their act and suggested they play at one of Western New York's most popular music events "Rock The Barn" and the rest is history.

They play the blues, some covers and some originals but early on learned to appreciate all kinds of music. According to Noah who was home schooled "my dad would sit me down and go on Youtube and expose me to different artists like Pavarotti and Arrowsmith.

Noah age 20 plays the harmonica and the guitar. Isaiah age 13 is on the drums. They are putting out a CD soon, will be seen live on A.M. Buffalo and plan to continue performing at local venues. The are the oldest of five siblings all with biblical names. It may be that Noah & Isaiah Moses music


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